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. a woman was shot to death with a marine from mississippi by a 25-year-old instructor, sergeant lopez of pacifica. lopez, then, shot himself. her mother and sister were notified by the marine corps at their home on friday. they want her to be remembered for her smile. >> everyone can tell you her smile. she always had a smile on her face. >> this is sara's prom picture. she joined the marines after graduating from high school. lopez served one tour in iraq and two tours in afghanistan. his family declined comment. he was a decorated marines. >> highly decorated bay soldier is being represented after dying of injuries from afghanistan. the special forces man died on thursday in germany. he was injured in a shoot out in afghanistan days before he was scheduled to return home. the 31-year-old was from hayward and graduated from mount eden high school and served in iraq. he received a bronze star medal and leaves behind his wife, parents, and sister. >> dogs are people -- dozens are people are camped out in the snow at the supreme court hoping to get a front row seat on oral arguments on
-in-a-lifetime option for those with deep pockets. >> today on "katie" jennifer lopez is back and her parker co-star, jason, will join us and one of the biggest rockstars will join97 >> coming up at 7:00 on "katie" we have jennifer lopez and why are an increasing number of elephants sea pups being treated at mammal center? and the biggest obstacles of iraq veterans for going into civilian life? >> the most memorable dresses warn by the late princess dianna are sold to the highest bidder, a collection of ten gowns being auctioned in london including the dress she wore to a white house dinner in 1985, right there, where she danced with john travolta showing her evolution from young newly wed to sleek style. >> she was gorgeous. >> she made everything look gorgeous. >> just beautiful. >> that will do it for us. from all of us at abc7 news thanks for joining us. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2